Vegetation & Wildlife

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There are no significant issues preventing development in EnergyPlex Park.


Most of EnergyPlex Park sits on a caprock base with little variation in elevation. Much of the Park is covered in grasses of various types. None of the Park can be classified as a wetland. There is also some mesquite, snake weed, and other plants within the Park area. There are no noxious weed species found within the site.


Thirty-six species of animals have been identified as living in the Park area, including birds, mammals, and reptiles. There are at least six species of birds of prey, including hawks and owls. The mammals are largely prairie dogs with some evidence of coyotes. Some of these birds may fall under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act which could necessitate removal of nests during construction if construction occurs during the nesting period.

There are several Western Burrowing Owls within the Park area and the species may need special attention during construction period. However, all of the owl nests observed were located with prairie dog burrows.