Below, you’ll find potential plans for EnergyPlex Park, including transportation and utilities. For full details, download the Planning Report. For more information on existing infrastructure, see Existing Infrastructure.

Download Planning Report


Roadways: There are several major roads adjacent to EnergyPlex Park including NM 18 and NM 483, as well as US 62/180 and NM 8. There are several options for these roads, and others, to be connected to the Park. There are currently several dirt and caliche roads that lead into the park for access. The map below shows possible road extensions within the Park. 
Railway: The Texas-New Mexico Railroad (TNMR) shortline lies adjacent to the Park. A branch extension would give direct rail access within the Park. The map below shows possible transportation extensions within EnergyPlex Park. For more details, download the full Planning Report.


Water Service: EnergyPlex Park currently has an existing water well, and an 8″ pipeline lies within the site. The Park is close to several other water sources that could be extended into the Park including City of Hobbs water lines in several locations and well fields from the Hobbs Industrial Airpark nearby. For more information, see the map below for possible water extensions within EnergyPlex Park.
Sanitary Sewer Service: The City of Hobbs currently has a 10″ sewer line running east of EnergyPlex Park, but not within the site. An option may be to extend this sewer line. The Park may be better served by having its own waste water reclamation facility depending on waste water needs. The map below shows possible sewer extensions within the Park.
Power: Electrical power to EnergyPlex Park is provided by Xcel Energy with two transmission lines (115 kV and 230 kV) crossing the site from the Maddox and Cunningham stations. New distribution lines and substations may be constructed to provide additional power to the park. See the map below for possible power extensions.
Fiber Optic Service: There are several options to bring fiber optic to EnergyPlex Park including an extension from existing Windstream fiber-fed lines to the south or Leaco’s existing fiber lines to the east of NM 18. See the map below for possible extensions.
Natural Gas Service: The Park can be serviced by both New Mexico Gas Company and Zia Natural Gas Company depending on the Township location. Zia has an existing 4″ pipeline in the south east corner of the Park. On the north side, an extension could connect the Park to an existing 6″ line from NM Gas Company. See the map below for possible extensions.